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Now Reading: Watch touching video of Seyi crying as he apologises again for comment about sons ‘running train’ on people’s daughter


Watch touching video of Seyi crying as he apologises again for comment about sons ‘running train’ on people’s daughter

September 9, 20238 min read

“I’m Sorry”: BBN All Stars Seyi in Tears Over Horrible Statement About People’s Daughters in Video

  • Big Brother Naija ex-housemate Seyi, in an interview with the show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, cried as he tendered another apology to Nigerians
  • Seyi sparked uproar on social media after he revealed he has been putting money aside so his sons and his friends can ‘run trains’ on people’s daughters
  • Seyi’s remorsefulness stirred mixed reactions among netizens, as most people were convinced he was not truly sorry for the horrible statement
  • In a chat with Rihanat OjoOba, a radio host, she shared the same sentiment with Nigerians about Seyi’s sudden remorse

Big Brother Naija All Stars ex-housemate Seyi Awolowo is trying hard to get back into the good books of Nigerians.

In an interview with the show host, Ebuka, the reality star was reminded of his statement in the house about setting up funds so his sons and his friends would ‘run train’ on people’s daughters.

BBNaija All Stars ex housematye Seyi Awolowo
BBNaija housemate Seyi Awolowo apologises to Nigeriana Photo credit: @officialseyiawo/@ijeomadaisy

Source: Instagram

After he was reminded of his horrible statement, Seyi broke down in tears and revealed he was sorry to have made such a comment.

The recently evicted housemate bowed his head and expressed how sorry he was as Ebuka tried to comfort him.

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Watch the video below:

Netizens react to Seyi’s apology

Many were not convinced as they said Seyi’s apology was not sincere.


“My issue with this whole thing is that they still don’t get it. When Biggie was calling this out for him, he kept saying something like he has a beautiful wife, mother, sister, hence he loves women…So those without wives and mothers should go ahead and rubbish women ba?‍”


“He is an actor. He is just in character because he feels this works on Nigerians almost all the time.”


“So many people commenting here have done worse things but you have been forgiven but why is no one giving grace to this man?”


“We all sin and ask for forgiveness, let’s cut him some slack. I hope he becomes a better person❤️”


“Seyi Awolowo is not sorry, Seyi was caught, so he feels sorry. Seyi is educated and has pedigree, and with all those privileges, you don’t just slip.”


“He’s saying sorry doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have it in his mind.”


“Abeg let him rest!!! So many of us have said the worst just that ours was not on National Tv.”

Seyi apologised because he got caught

In a chat with, Rihanat OjoOba, a radio and tv host shared her opinion on why Seyi had the audacity to talk trash about women on national TV.

She said:

“It’s a pathriacy society and so many men feel entitled to women’s body and space and with more women getting education and being empowerd so many men feel threthened and they feel the need to humble women and one of the things that can put a woman in her shell is any form of harassment. Men believe and know that when a woman has suffered something as traumatic as any form of abuse , she’d not have a voice and most likely suffer in silence. So Seyi saying something so harmful tells you that the average men do not see women as people enough – they see them as objects that should be trampled upon in the society. Unfortunately, the way he sees women is the same way he wants his son to see women. Not only Seyi has this line of thought. So many like him do too, and usually, when a man makes a dehumanising comment about women, he gets praises. Unfortunately, times have changed, and I am glad that so many people, including people like me, frowned upon it. Because we are trying to raise young and decent boys who would grow up and make society better, but with boys that Seyi has raised mixing with our own children who believe in treating women with dignity and respect, it may be hard.”

Rihanat also shares the sentiment that Seyi apologised for damage control not because he didn’t mean what he said about his son running trains on women and other horrible comments in the house.

In her words:

“When it comes to any form of abuse, you’d hear the society tell women it’s their fault – no matter how much evidence you bring. Basically, absolving perpetrators of their crimes. Seyi was in the BB house when the comments were made, many Nigerians reacted negatively to it and some even called for his eviction. His handler saw the implications of the comment and understood that its no longer business as usual and that times have changed. Upon his exit from the house, he must have been advised to be sober because Nigerians were angry at him because his comments took us all 10 years back and as a society we were making progress in redefining the role of men and boys towards women. If he was truly remorseful, he would have reflected the night he said it and went back to the same guys he shared the nasty information with and tendered and apology, but he didn’t do that because to him, he didn’t say anything wrong. So yea! Seyi apologized because he got caught.”

Kiddwaya reminds mum of her promise to sue Seyi

BBNaija All Stars ex-housemate Kiddwaya reminded his mother, Susan Waya, of her promise to sue another housemate, Seyi Awolowo.

The two reality TV stars had a misunderstanding while on the show, after which Kidd’s mother, Susan Waya, announced her desire to sue Seyi Awolowo for allegedly threatening her son.

In a new event, Kiddwaya reminded his mum of her vow on social media immediately after Seyi’s eviction went viral.


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