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Now Reading: WATCH: Funny girl begs for the life of chicken, protects it from harm


WATCH: Funny girl begs for the life of chicken, protects it from harm

September 5, 20231 min read

  • A young girl has astonished her family by pleading for the life of a chicken that was meant to be cooked in a soup
  • The video clip showed the girl cuddling the chicken on the bed and showing compassion for the creature
  • She begged her family to spare the chicken and let it live, which has garnered a lot of positive responses from many people

A young girl has left her family speechless by showing mercy to a chicken destined to be boiled in a soup.

The touching video clip captured the girl embracing the chicken on the bed and stroking its feathers gently.

Photo of little girl and chicken
Little girl protects chicken empathetically. Photo credit: TikTok/@remilards4

Source: TikTok

She looked into the chicken’s eyes and empathized with the living being.

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She demonstrably implored her family to change their minds and let the chicken survive.

Many social media users who watched the video were moved by the girl’s empathy, praising their family for raising her well. is yet to independently confirm the claims in the video.

Watched the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Jazeeranini1 reacted:

“Let her not try it with Africa parents.”

Krystalsprinkle said:

“Not the chicken enjoying.”

Rizzy254E0 wrote:

“Not in kenya..They will just take you to supermaket to buy ice cream, when you come back it’s done.”

Mahmooda Abderoef commented:

“It is the first time I see a chicken sitting so still as if it is a pet.”


“I remember one time i cried when they were taking our cow& they stopped and took it when i was at school.”


“She just got her self a new toy.”


“The way I love her personality.”


“Waaa these guys balya ku java house jinja.”


“Gal that’s our meat.”


“Literally my sister with goats. My cousin also had a pet rabbit and one day she was telling her dad how she love the meat he cooked. He told her it’s her rabbit and she cried for hours.”


“I can’t even go near a chicken.”

Baby tricked with fried chicken, they give her food instead whenever she opens mouth

Meanwhile, earlier reported that the video of a kid being fed food with a funny trick has gathered massive reactions and views on LinkedIn.

In the clip shared by Richard DiPilla, a fried chicken lap is placed in front of the baby.

Whenever she opens her mouth to eat the chicken, another hand scoops her food in her mouth.


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