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Now Reading: Reece James faces backlash from rival fans as he picks another vital injury


Reece James faces backlash from rival fans as he picks another vital injury

August 17, 20232 min read

Chelsea’s new captain’s reputation with injury has been mocked heavily by rival fans after he recently picked up a vital hamstring injury.

Limping off the pitch and generalising it with fatigue against Liverpool, Chelsea fans were relieved of their panic about possible injury.

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However, it was restored days after their 1-1 dominance against Liverpool after the medical team announced that the English Right back, Reece James had attained another hamstring injury.

He has quite encircled this reputation following how he plummeted to become an injury-prone star who struggles to keep up with fitness every season.

Rival fans and some of the aggrieved Chelsea fans have stormed social media platforms to mock the football maestro which has sparked reactions.

Arsenal fans have been identified mostly as the key rival fans who are currently mocking his Injury-prone reputation. This came days after Reece James publicly renounced ever joining the London side for any circumstance.

See their reactions below;

When you beg Reece James to stay fit for three games in a row


— MBAH (@Mbahdeyforyou) August 17, 2023

Reece James to play 5 consecutive matches suppose be 2 odds for sporty ??

— ????? (@TheMahleek) August 17, 2023

Life is so unfair. Reece James just picked up a hamstring injury and there’s Asiwaju Lerry moving freely around Ibadan without an injury.

— SMALLIE (@the_smallie) August 17, 2023

Can you play 2 or 3 games without injury??

Reece James:

— Essel (@Esselguy) August 17, 2023

Reece James after 60 minutes

— ?????? (@BallinKy_) August 17, 2023

Reece James when asked to play 2 games in a row

— Will (@w10lmx) August 17, 2023

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