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Now Reading: Rapper Cardi B reveals she didn’t think she would marry husband Offset back when they first met


Rapper Cardi B reveals she didn’t think she would marry husband Offset back when they first met

September 10, 20232 min read

Rapper Cardi B reveals she didn

Cardi B has revealed she didn’t think she would marry her husband and fellow rapper Offset back when they first met.

During a recent interview with SiriusXM, the WAP singer, 30, revealed she ‘never would’ve thought’ she would end up with the Bad and Boujee rapper, 31, when she first heard his Migos track, Versace, at a club.

Cardi also explained why their differences make them a good match. 

Speaking of the passion in their romance, the Bodak Yellow hitmaker said: ‘We do be needing that fire.’  

‘I mean, we’re two different people, like we’re very, very like different from each other, but I think that’s what makes us work.’

‘Yin and yang for real,’ she added. ‘But one thing that we like both love, we both love family. That’s one thing and we both love what we do, like we both, we are each other’s support system.

‘I know that he backs me up a hundred percent and I back him up a hundred percent. I don’t care,’ she explained.

The couple share a daughter Kulture, five, and a son Wave, two. 

During an appearance on New York City’s Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show, she said:  ‘I really need you to see the Michael Jackson tattoo he got on his stomach. I don’t even want to take it there.

‘Because it’s like, y’all really have to see it, because every single time I, like, you know, it just be looking at me,’ she said as the hosts of the radio show cracked up.

She added: ‘You gotta see that tattoo. Like, I just … I’m like — The tattoo really be looking at me like, ‘Yeaaaah.’ … I’m not cappin’.”

And that’s not all the Bronx native revealed. She also told the hosts she has at least one dream she hasn’t fulfilled yet. 


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