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Now Reading: President Tinubu and his associates celebrate his victory at the Presidential Election Petition Court (video)


President Tinubu and his associates celebrate his victory at the Presidential Election Petition Court (video)

September 7, 20234 min read



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Tinubu is dead the way Buhari died in January 2017. The Armed Robbers from Yoruba land and their thugs nickname military, police etc. are evildoers the way British bandits and Fulani bandits from Futa Jalon are evildoers. 90% of the revenue for external debt servicing is bankruptcy. 1914 fraud nickname Nigeria is bankrupt. It is end of the road. The mountain of debt forced removal of fuel subsidy, devaluation of Naira, hyperinflation etc. The Armed Robbers from Yoruba land and their thugs nickname military, police etc. are only stealing wealth of this territory natives, borrowing and stealing borrowed money. Disintegration now in which the six geopolitical zones are Sovereign States is the only solution. Under Disintegrated Republics of this territory natives, we will confiscate stolen wealth of this territory natives by defeated Fulani bandits from Futa Jalon, the Armed Robbers from Yoruba land and their collaborators to pay the mountain of debt, implement policies for sustainable productivity, economic developments, social securities of this territory natives. We this territory natives have abundant natural and human resources to have one of the best living standard in the world. 1914 fraud nickname Nigeria make this territory natives sit on wealth and live in want. Only fools sit on wealth and live in want. The Sword decides.

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Just so annoying ,,,, mad Ebola asiwaju wey fight Jonathan for removing subsidy…….. What is he celebrating for ……. When everyone knows his just doomed

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There’s no celebration across the country. This shows you that you rigged the election and have bribed the judges. God will judge you.

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Congratulations President Tinubu. Now that the tribunal has exhaustively deliberated on the cases and given it’s sound verdict I therefore call on the opposition parties, especially the labour party, to accept that they lost, and humbly accept President Tinubu’s call to work together. But I must say that the opposition, especially the labour party, conteibuted to their defeat at the tribunal. As stated by the only female judge at the panel, these obidients resorted to social media to malign, abuse, insult, castigate, attack, defame, slander, and even physically confronted every single person who didn’t agree with their opinion. They should use this case to learn lessons in future. But will they? Because right now they are still on X, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc continuing with their abuse. The obidients should know that the law doesn’t operate on social media. Unfortunately they weren’t able to prove any of their cases beyond any reasonable doubt. Instead, they got reprimanded by the judges for their seeming ignorance of the law. Once again, congratulations Jagaban

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Tininbu will rule for 8 years. North should get ready for their own turn after him. Congratulations to him. God has blessed me. I give Glory to him alone. I don’t envy anybody

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Congratulations Jagaban, a man of the people. A man who has empowered men, a man who has lasting legacies as a governor, a king maker, a man who fought for democracy during the military junta in the early 90s at the risk of his own life, a man who truly loves this country. Your tenure shall be good in Jesus name Amen.

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