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Now Reading: Players and supporters attack referee over ‘poor officiating’ in Ebonyi Gov’s cup


Players and supporters attack referee over ‘poor officiating’ in Ebonyi Gov’s cup

September 11, 20232 min read

Players and supporters attack referee over

Players and supporters of the Ishielu Local Government Area team reportedly attacked a referee at the end of the Ebonyi State governor,  Francis Nwifuru’s cup final match on Sunday evening, September 10.

It was gathered that the referee was chased all over the stadium as he ran for his life over alleged poor officiating in the match.

Normalcy was restored after the governor intervened in rescuing the referee from the angry supporters who overpowered the security men trying to protect him.

During the prize presentation ceremony, Governor Francis Nwifuru of Ebonyi condemned the attack, describing the act as ‘shameful and embarrassing’.

“I did not expect the players to behave unprofessionally.

“Anyone not happy with a referee’s decision should not get to him but complain to the relevant officials.

“The person will still get a response and I am sure with what the sports commissioner told me, we will not have a repeat of this kind of violence,” he said.

The governor also announced that match officials for subsequent competitions will come from other states to avoid similar attacks.

“The match officials would not be known to anyone or any team.

“The sports commissioner has, however, shown his strength in organising such a competition and we would continue providing opportunities to empower and unite our youths,” he said.

Ebonyi LGA won the trophy by beating Ishielu 2-1 while Ohaozara LGA came third by defeating Izzi 1-0 in the third-place match.


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