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Now Reading: It’s disgusting – Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu reacts to trending video of single women dressed in wedding gowns while praying for husbands


It’s disgusting – Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu reacts to trending video of single women dressed in wedding gowns while praying for husbands

September 6, 20237 min read



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Another weirdness in Pentecostalism. Those Pentecostal are bastards to Christianity. In fact if I have a gun, I will wipe them off the surface of this Earth. They are evil, false and irritating asthey come.

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If all these women were willing to be belittled and treated in this condescending manner, who com be those ladies that are always under comment sections on every App bashing marriage? Who? No allow any yeye single lady decieve you about marriage because in the loneliness of her bed she really wants to be married but couldn’t find a man. Argue with yourself. Goodnight

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Don’t mind them fr, they’re bunch of jokers and skit makers. No one takes this type of ladies serious because It’s obvious they’re not serious themselves at all. Why don’t they go and buy bank cheques so that money will automatically fill their purses?

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Father it is not easy and nobody knows the frustrations these women go through. Most of the people condemning their actions are still the ones shaming them within the society 😢

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So, when a woman want to pray for a husband, she should pray for a poor man?? Besides, does praying for a rich man means a woman has a bad character eh.. And when you want to pray for a job. Do you pray for a low pay jobs??? I’m close to cursing this REV , but I’ll say HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACE TO HOLD ME DOWN!! .

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Teddy about 7 hours ago

Don’t mind all these three-month-bible-school Pentecostal pastors confusing ignorant people. Live right and a husband will come up at the right time

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To have a fiance with this type of mentality is already a red flag for me. Why are Africans (esp women) easily manipulated by religious rascality?

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It is really shameful watching how my gender is debasing themselves to be called a married woman. Society is to be blamed too. They have brainwashed these ladies that if you are not married, you are worthless. This desperation will push them into the hand of a man who will turn them into a punching bag and kill them. Tueh

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I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.-1st Tim 2:8. God still answers prayers but demands it be from one who lives a holy life and has faith

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If men don’t want you most of the time check your character, check your word, check your though flow. Yes, I know it could be spiritual at sometimes, but satan uses your weakness to get you

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k about 6 hours ago

Well there is a bible.verse if i was the pastor use to justify it though i hermeticist ..and paraphrasing in book of hebrews: Faith is the substance hoped for and the assurance of things hope , the evidence of things nog yet seem and it is said the just shall live by faith. So leave them so far it works for.them.just as some believe tithe worrks for them while beleive it doesnt. Soiritual beliefs are subjective and of personal opinion.. As i usually teach , there is truth in every sacred book.even if its not your religioms book.

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Please people should mind their business. It is an act of faith. Societal pressure first and foremost is what drives women into desperation to seek for husband’s either which way they can. You all speak negatively about their putting on wedding gowns when you haven’t been in their shoes to know how it feels to be single in your late 30’s going to 40 plus. Some of these women have actually lived decent lives but unfortunately, they aren’t lucky to be married. Wait until you see your sister in her late 40’s not married yet and you will see why she has to get desperate. I just don’t understand why everyone needs to have an opinion on matters that involve matured people. Please leave people to exercise their God given faith. If the men want to wear suits, they can but remember, men can easily find women to marry if they so wish but it’s more difficult for women so please stop comparing the two genders because it’s easier for one and not the other. Respect people’s choices and don’t delve into matters that don’t concern you….@@@Xar😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

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I agree 💯 with him, we have so many pastors who don’t even understand anything about the Bible. Most of these praying ladies will tell you they can’t marry a man who’s earning N100K monthly, meanwhile most of them don’t have any knowledge about to make 50K a month.

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